“I’m so glad I made the decision to have a doula at my second birth, and I’m so lucky to have found Stacey! I knew I wanted support at the birth, but I didn’t realise how important it would be having Stacey to call to chat about concerns and fears leading up to the birth. Each time I spoke to Stacey I was calm again, her advice was clever, like she had figured me out and knew the right things to say to a person like me. I was Stacey’s first client, but she is a natural! During labour, Stacey was tactfully in the background while my husband and I focused on handling my contractions. Her input and suggestions were useful, yet subtle. Towards the end of the labour when I was exhausted and desperate, she knew what to say. Everything about her presence was honest and perfect for creating an atmosphere of trust. Stacey was the one person who knew us and who stayed with us throughout the entire labour while midwives changed shifts. After my first, I knew that the atmosphere in the birthing room would remian clear in my memory after the details had faded. Thanks to Stacey, I have beautiful memories of the day my son was born.”
Sonja Gauci
(Baby Niels born 5th July 2012).

“The closer B day for number three drew near, the more nervous I became. Both previous labours had been very long and hard. Nothing went wrong, it just went on and on and by the end I was almost too exhausted to be able to dedicate myself to the first special bonding moments. I was determined to find a better solution for the third and final time.

A good friend highly recommended a Doula and I had an awesome pregnancy massage from a lady who was studying midwifery and also recommended a Doula, all I had to do was contact the Australian Doula College. So I did and I was matched up with Stacey.

I waddled away from our first meeting feeling really excited; Stacey had, in that short time put me back on track with positive thoughts and made me feel confident that, between her, my husband and me, we could achieve this. I was also struck by her gentle and calming nature, something I am still in ore of.

The effort Stacey went to educate us was invaluable. It just all seemed to make sense (& annoyingly I hadn’t known all this common sense previously). She helped us to understand all the stages of birth and to be aware of what was happening. My biggest fault in previous deliveries, I think, was fighting the contractions, tensing up and freaking out. Stacey’s little words of wisdom to see the contractions as a ‘means to an end’ really resonated with me; with each contraction I was closer to meeting my baby. Stacey taught my husband some acupressure points to help the process which also diverted my attention away from the pain. There were times during labour when I was screaming in my head ‘Come on, bring it on pain I can handle you and you won’t get the better of me because I’m on a mission to meet my baby’. I felt really focused and with my husband and Stacey’s words of encouragement I was feeling really positive all the way through.

Childbirth is seriously hard work for me but Stacey’s dedication has helped us bring our little man into the world joyously and confidently as she aimed to do (& a whole lot faster) and we will be forever grateful for that experience. We cannot recommend Stacey highly enough, she has truly blessed us.”

Jacquie Bayne

(Baby Alfie born 14.12.12)


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